Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dear (Beloved) Occasional Blog-Viewer and/or Bot

Thanks to Will Robin's probably-last-ever Seated Ovation post, I've been motivated to give you a little bulleted rundown on who I am and what it is you're looking at: 

  • My name is Elena Saavedra Buckley!
    • I write mostly about contemporary classical music on the web, but I enjoy writing about any subject worth exploring. Some might say I have a #passion for #storytelling.
    • I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
    • I'm a student at Yale. 
    • I care about lots of objects, forces, people, and movements in the world.
  • This blog...
    • was active between 2011-2013.
    • meant and means a lot to me.
    • is filled with a fair amount of run-on sentences.
    • is open to your perusal! 
  • But... 
    • it's essentially closed. 
  • BUT...
    • this doesn't mean (at all) that my writing dies with it. 
  • I do things in various places now: 
    • I interned at WQXR/Q2 in 2014, and I still write for them. Here's my aggregation page.
    • I interned at NPR Music in 2015 and published something, huzzah!
    • At school, I'm an editor/writer for The New Journal, a creative nonfiction powerhouse. 
    • Sometimes I tweet? Let it be known that this is not a social media platform I feel incredibly versed in, but it is the one I feel most comfortable sharing publicly. 
    • The Gmail I created for this blog is still open... if anyone out there... has anything to say... try me at neoantennae (at) gmail (dot) com. 
Much love as always, bots of the internet. No, I am not interested in "fine cigars online" or "german car repair," but thanks in advance!