Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sunday Glass

I hope you'll take some time, if you'd like, to check out these videos of me and my friend Rachel Gallegos (who also just won the Jackie McGehee Concerto Competition with the first movement of the Mozart 5 and got to play with the New Mexico Philharmonic) playing the first two movements of Philip Glass's Sonata for Violin & Piano. We performed it at Sunday Chatter (formerly known as Church of Beethoven), which, if you have read this blog before, probably know is the place where I volunteer and is very, very important to me.

I think we did quite well, and wore some cool dresses. The piece has many Glassy moments and qualities, but it is also much more romantic and varying, especially in the second movement. 

With love, 


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  2. I watched the first video. Had trouble viewing the second for some reason.Very skilful indeed. It sounded great. Well done!!

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