Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello to the period of not finding angles of random hexagons on graph paper.

As of today, after the brutal (not really) geometry final of my sophomore year, I am on summer vacation. For the first few days, this means finishing Six Feet Under, but after that it means music camp, a writing camp at Kenyon College, and much listening, blogging, and some string ensemble writing as well as the composing of the score to my friend's film (and backpacking if the entire Gila National Forest doesn't burn down). 

For now, here are some pieces that seem very summery to me (two of them are coincidentally on the same album, which is a very good one that you should definitely buy, Big Beautiful Dark and Scary from Bang on a Can): 

For the feeling of first realizing it is summer (this has also been my constant driving soundtrack of the week)(and doesn't the section starting at 2:17 make your heart hurt in a great way?): 

For realizing all the creative things you could have probably done before but now have absolute, free reign to accomplish: 

For the strange, mysterious feelings of summer, the parts with lulls and unawareness of dates:

          I can't find a video for it or a place where you can listen to it fully, but here's the link to a limited       amount of listening:

For the times when you do so little you start realizing more: 

And for the times when you just feel good about life: 

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