Thursday, January 13, 2011

1, and, 2, and, 3, and...

                Blog. Blogger. Blogging. Blog…esque?
                The word has come to fit to every grammatical form in the book. As soon as one starts to blog, they become a blogger, and so forth. As I start to post my thoughts, perspectives, opinions, and comparisons onto this page, I hope to be thought of as a writer. Because that is what I’m doing.
                So I suppose this is a “hello.” My name is Elena, and I will be writing about sound—music, more specifically, and classical music even more exclusively. Reviews may pop up, comparisons of similar artists could appear, and essays-like posts will be common. I hope to express my feelings well, and that readers will find themselves either nodding, saying “hmmm,” laughing, or thinking (or combinations of the four?). Come as you like, read what you want, and just keep listening. 

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